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5 ilorien

Five years ago, my wife and I were given about two months notice that we would be moving to Albuquerque. We took three days to look for a place to live. We’d initially thought we’d be renting for a while before purchasing a home, but we met with Natalie Arndt, and after a day and a half of looking at houses, we found exactly what we wanted, made an offer, and had it accepted. I cannot imagine how the process could have been smoother. Natalie readily understood what we wanted in a house, knew the area and the market well enough to find it for a price that we could afford and then negotiated the purchase with enthusiasm and expertise.

Last year, when it came time for us to leave Albuquerque again, the market had changed radically, the value of our home had dropped and we were faced with the necessity of a short sale. We turned to Natalie and she was able to guide us through the short sale and turn what might otherwise have been a miserable and defeating experience into a manageable process.

Natalie knows the area, knows the markets, understands the fluctuations and puts her whole heart and her wealth of experience into her work on behalf of her clients. I have referred her to several friends who have had similar success in finding and purchasing ideal homes. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Albuquerque area and you want a powerful ally in the process, you won’t find a better one than Natalie Arndt.

5 aurrine

Buying our first home was something we looked forward to but knew little to nothing about. We were unfamiliar with the neighborhoods and market in Albuquerque. We also had a limited amount of time in which to find a home. With so many unknowns, we needed a realtor whose expertise we could trust completely. I asked for a recommendation from a friend and did not realize how lucky I was to be referred to Natalie. She gave us unbiased information about the neighborhoods in Albuquerque, she took us to every listing, even FSBOs. It became apparent early in our partnership that her interest lies in helping you find the home that fits your needs. She is completely professional and will work as hard for you as she would for a friend or relative. We credit her tenacity for finding and negotiating the contract on our dream home- in 3 days. We are so grateful to Natalie and recommend her services wholeheartedly.

5 hjbuys

We enlisted Natalie’s help to sell our home in Albuquerque in 2009. The market was just taking a hit and we were concerned about being able to sell our home. Natalie did a fantastic job at getting our home ready, staging the home, and helping to have realistic goals for pricing the home. We had an offer within the first week of being on the market and sold the home for our asking price. Natalie really shined bright in the negotiations. Overall she was extremely attentive, very energetic, and is as good as they come. I know a few other people who used her to buy/sell homes and they all agree that she is the most dedicated realtor they’ve ever met. I highly recommend her!

5 raisak

Natalie was a tremendous help in finding the home that was within our budget. She was very professional in her approach and all the way through to the end. She was always looking out for our best interest. Natalie helped us to sell our first home in ABQ in 2005. She made it so easy for us. She kept us up to date on everything. She did such a great job! It was a pleasure working with her! I will recommend Natalie to anyone I know looking for an excellent agent and ask for her help with all of my real estate needs.

Natalie helped us to buy our last home on the East Side then. This time it’s the best home in the world! Natalie was a paragon of patience, especially considering we knew exactly what we wanted, and did not want to compromise. She is very patient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The proof of her abilities is how much we’re enjoying our new home. She understood our style! Thanks so much! Natalie arranged for and handled everything. She even found the original contractor who built this house in the 90’s, and when the question arose in regard to water pipes, she located the original plumber, even though he does not work in the area any more.

I would not hesitate to refer Natalie Arndt to anyone. I feel sorry for anyone who would dare to enter a real estate transaction without Natalie watching out for their interests. We have never met such a wonderful helpful, knowledgeable, hard working person. The best we can say is that she is not just a REALTOR, but also a real friend!

5 illmotive

Natalie is the best real estate agent in Albuquerque. She made buying our first home a great experience. She is very kind, knowledgeable, honest, and had our best interest in mind when showing us homes and advocating for us during the purchasing process. She never takes any shortcuts and does everything the right way the first time around. I would definitely recommend Natalie’s service to family, friends, and anyone else looking to purchase or sell a home.

Romy Cabacungan, MD

5 grateful sisters

Natalie Arndt sold a home for our family in 2011. This was NO ordinary sale, it was a complex short sale that involved the estate of our late sister and the two of us who live in California and Georgia. We worked with a lawyer for over a year to help us negotiate a deal with the bank to allow us to sell the house. Tens of thousands of dollars, and at least 100 hours on the phone later we resigned to pursue a short sale.

We found Natalie on Zillow and chose to call her first because she only took on 5 clients at a time and had stellar reviews. She called us within an hour and set up an appointment with our uncle to view the home the very next day. She took on the case knowing it would be a challenge working with out-of-town clients and our extended family– and many more unseen challenges arose throughout the process. She staged the home beautifully, had it professionally cleaned, photographed, and hired a videographer make a wonderful virtual tour. She did not make a distinction between our $160,000 home and a multi-million dollar home. We had several offers for more than our asking price in less than a week. That was the easy part.

In order to move the sale forward, Natalie worked tirelessly for the next four months with numerous bank agents, repair contractors, appraisers, negotiators, buyers agents, tour groups, etc, etc, etc. until the THICK red tape was cut and the buyers were able to close. Without her supreme knowledge of the real estate/short sale market, fearlessness, boundless energy and absolute dedication to us, we would would have given up long ago and gone into foreclosure. We can’t imagine that there is another realtor anywhere who would have gone to the lengths she did to make this sale happen. We are beyond grateful to her.

5 TravisChristy

Natalie is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the business. She took the reins of our short sale and did an incredible job! During the negotiation process with the buyer her experience was appreciated and saved a bunch of time and money. She was able to present an offer to the bank that was accepted on the first shot. Also, with the short sale process being somewhat emotional she was there whenever we needed her encouragement by explaining to us that we are not alone.

I would highly recommend Natalie for all your real estate needs!

Thank you, Natalie! We love you!

Travis, Holli and family

5 user913169

Natalie worked with me to sell my home in early 2012, and I cannot imagine working with anyone else in Albuquerque.

I needed to sell my Albuquerque home after having moved across state and time lines, and Natalie worked with me closely to make sure that every part of the selling experience was handled quickly and properly. She always updated me immediately to any changes and her advice was always on track. She steered me in making necessary repairs and then had the home professionally cleaned and photographed beautifully.

She only handles a few homes at a time and is able to devote her personal time and attention to each home and family she works with. For me, she worked tirelessly on every part of the selling process, working before and after business hours and on weekends and holidays. I was never vetted out to an assistant or partner, and Natalie was always willing to take my calls and address my concerns immediately.

In what is still a very depressed market, my home sold and closed in 3 months with Natalie’s help. Selling a house is always a stressful experience, but Natalie was a friend and ally throughout.

Natalie has my highest recommendation and I only wish I could emphasize more how far above and beyond expectations Natalie goes for her clients.

5 user3702046

I am an attorney and Natalie has helped me buy and sell 4 homes. Each case had it’s own challenges and Natalie was reponsive, knowledgeable, tenacious and went above and beyond in representing me in each transaction. Natalie over delivered and never made empty promises. She always looked after my best interest, even if it meant losing the sale herself. Natalie is the best negotiator in town. She is my realtor in Albuquerque and I would not go to anyone else.

Michelle Ritt Martinez

5 Lydia Broussard

Natalie was dedicated to helping us find our perfect home. She took us to see all possible areas of the city and its surroundings where we might be interested in living, and then to see homes in each area. After many hours of searching with her, we found our ideal home. Through all this she remained cheerful and energetic, with a great spirit of fun and tremendous patience. Because of her knowledge and experience, negotiating and the final purchase of the house went smoothly and easily for us. We could not have asked for a better agent, and feel anyone would be extremely fortunate to have her help and representation when selling or buying a home.

5 user0949677

Natalie was wonderful through the entire process. She listened intently to your needs and found properties to match. She goes above and beyond through the entire process, especially throughout negotiations and closing. Moving from out of state was challenging, but her knowledge of the areas, values and accessibility was invaluable. I could not have asked for a better agent.

5 user024997

Natalie Arndt helped us sell our mountain home (and acreage) during a challenging period for the real estate market in NM; escrow closed on our sale in December 2011, just before Christmas. Natalie used her vast marketing skills to pull-in prospective buyers from local arenas, as well as out-of-state markets. (The person who purchased our NM home was an attorney from Indiana looking for a retirement home—It was Natalie’s “no-stone-unturned” approach toward advertising our property that drew our buyer to us and to his new home.) Natalie also has a natural ability when it comes to “staging” a home for sale—this saves her clients thousands of dollars, the amount it would cost to hire a professional stager. Most importantly, Natalie is a kind person, compassionate and trustworthy—she readily advises other realtors pro bono; Natalie is someone who truly cares about people, especially her clients. The bonus we received during the process of selling our home under Natalie’s direction is the fact that by the close of escrow, we found that Natalie was no longer just our “agent”; she became and remains a good friend.

Sandra & Ron Cline Thompson Falls, Montana

5 pbev76

Natalie is the best realtor we have ever worked with. We needed to purchase a home on a very tight timeline. Natalie spent three straight days showing us every part of Albuquerque. Once we found the house, she went above and beyond to make sure the contract was adhered to. She seemed to know everybody in the city, was great a negotiations and is always available to answer any questions we have. I will recommend her to anybody I know that is buying or selling houses.

5 user907996

Natalie helped us find our home when we relocated to Albuquerque from out-of-state. We were completely unfamiliar with the area and first-time home buyers. She listened to our needs and guided us to neighborhoods that would suit our family. Her knowledge of the area, expertise about homes and tireless work on our behalf even before we ever set foot in the city were instrumental in our finding our dream home in two days. We feel lucky to have been the beneficiaries of Natalie’s hard work and amazing energy. And, we would happily have her on our side again in any real estate venture.

5 user384332

I can honestly say that we would not be in our new house if it weren’t for Natalie. We decided to buy fairly suddenly, and the house we were interested was in a very desirable location and a unique property. She knew time was of the essence, and actually had an offer drawn up and ready for us to sign the DAY we saw the house, and we were able to submit it to the seller that evening. She worked tirelessly to make sure that all the details were in order, with some very tricky issues. She was available at all times (the first time we saw the house and she wrote the offer was on Mother’s day, no less!), and was the best resource we had in determining the appropriate course of action during a lengthy negotiation process. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She takes a personal interest in the success of her clients and is deeply committed to walking them through the process. Natalie can give you my contact information and I would be happy to discuss her performance in more detail if you are interested. Again, best experience we’ve ever had when it comes to the stressful endeavor of buying a home.

5 user6758358

My husband and I recently bought a home with Natalie’s help. Natalie is incredibly tenacious, thoughtful and honest. I truly felt she had our best interest at heart. This is not a quality you expect from a realtor, but I learned to trust her advice and recommendations. Natalie is responsive and detailed oriented. I highly recommend her services to anyone buying or selling a home.

5 user62675408

Natalie is a very loyal, trustworthy realtor. She makes sure you get your money’s worth in your new house. She does her best to make sure that you have as few problems in the future with your new home as possible. She knows all the problems that have turned up in houses, and she will point them out before you buy. She returns communications promptly. She is a very warm, friendly person and treats her clients like family, not just customers.

5 user89001075

Excellent Agent. Really fought for us and was super organized. Really flexible to work around our hectic schedule. We needed to find a house in two weeks and she got the job done. She was also excellent in dealing with the selling agent in saving us as much money as possible. She was available practically 24/7 for our calls since we were first time home buyers.

5 Elise McGee

We can’t say enough good things about Natalie and our experience with her. We went through a difficult experience selling our home (through no fault of hers) and she was with us every step of the way, on top of things, and always concerned for our best interest. With Natalie, you know that she cares about you personally, you aren’t just one of many listings, you are a real person. If you want to sell your home, you want to choose Natalie as your realtor, she is the best out there!

5 TracyKellyKapple

We made the mistake of having another realtor list our home and a year later it still hadn’t sold. So we took it off the market and the next week our neighbor, Natalie, came by and said “I have a buyer for your home!” We couldn’t believe it. But, sure enough, she had it sold within a month. Natalie is amazing. We have recommended her to all of our friends and family!

5 user2645616

We weren’t sure when we were going to purchase a new home, and Natalie hung in there with us and advised us based on our circumstances. She made us feel like she was looking out for us at all times no matter what we decided to do. She is intelligent, intuitive and ultimately concerned about her clients’ needs and was available to us all hours of the day, seven days a week. What more could you ask for in the person you are relying on to help you make such a huge life decision?

5 user4947870

Natalie far exceeded our expectations as a realtor. Not only did she sell our home quickly, we actually sold it for more than the original asking price. Natalie was very professional and helpful through the entire process of preparing, listing, and selling our home. Her expertise greatly assisted us in properly staging our home to provide the broadest appeal to potential buyers. Natalie’s communication and attentivness releived a great deal of the stress involved in selling a home in the current market. I cannot think of a better realtor or person that we could have asked for to sell our home! Natalie treated us like family and provided outstanding guidance, customer service, and most importantly – results!! Thank you so much Natalie!!!

5 user665552

Natalie is a real dynamo. She gets the job done. She looked out for my interests and acted with the utmost in integrity. She is warm and caring. I hope to happy in this home – if I ever need another though I will give her a call. I would recommend her to family.

5 user0542240

Natalie Arndt made a miracle happen with the sale of our home and in record time. After meeting with Natalie, it was so apparent that she was more than capable of getting the job done. She always had our best interest at heart. Every step of the way, Natalie made sure we knew where everything stood. Any future real estate needs, I will not hesitate to be in touch with Natalie. If you want the JOB DONE RIGHT, then NATALIE ARNDT is the perfect choice!!!!!!

Michelle & Gary DiBenedetti

5 user7885014

We had needed a larger house because we were expecting a new addition to our family. The difficulty for us was that we wanted to avoid buying a new house before selling our old house so we didn’t have to move three times. Natalie achieved for us what seemed otherwise impossible. We found the house we wanted to purchase and made a contigency purchase (based on the sale of our old house) and put our house on the market. Our house sold in ONE DAY and we were able to close on both houses within the agreed upon time frame. We move directly from our old house into our new house!

Natalie was great with us the entire time and made sure we were happy with everything. I would HIGHLY recommend her!

5 lizbethsims

Natalie helped me find the home of my dreams when I relocated from North Carolina. She is a top notch and professional agent who is always on top of things, paying attention to every detail. She was always responsive to my needs and looked out for my best interest. Natalie was an absolute pleasure to work with, making what could be a very stressful time actually fun! She took care of everything! I have bought and sold a few homes and I would highly recommend Natalie. She is definitely a cut above the rest!

5 user8964322

I consider Natalie a remarkable real estate agent. She has terrific instincts and is a wonderful communicator. Her knowledge regarding the market represented a real asset as we searched for a home that could meet our requirements and preferences. These attributes, combined with an ebullient personality and infectious optimism helped to smooth any wrinkles along the way to closing. I’d recommend her without hesitation to anyone searching for that perfect house in the greater Albuquerque area.

5 user70380738

Natalie is an amazing realtor! She was able to find a buyer for our house is only 3 days of listing it. Not only that, but she was with us every step of the way. She was upfront and honest about her plan to sell. During closing she let us what needed to be done on our end and helped us if we were unsure how to do it. She communicated with us weekly and was open about everything. She was very kind and considerate of any concerns that may have had and if there was any questions she did not know the answer to, she found out and gave us an answer the very same day. This woman earned everything she received and deserved more. She does real estate exactly the way it should be done. She cares about the customer. In short, she gave us our lives back.

5 casd91

This review is long overdue. I met Natalie last year when I decided to purchase a second home in ABQ for my son to use while stationed at Kirtland AFB. We hit it off right away and started in earnest looking for just the right property. Not only did we look at property while I was in town, Natalie also had listings automatically sent to me back home. We talked regularly and I ended up purchasing the first property she showed me after the price had dropped (which I never would have known had she not set me up with automatic listings). Closing the sale was problematic from the seller’s side and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else in my corner other than Natalie! She is as tenacious, hard working and ethical as they come! I am fortunate to be able to count her as one of my dear friends as well as my realtor. I never hesitate to recommend her. Truly a gem!

5 user7052371

Natalie is a fabulous real estate professional! She does her homework prior to beginning work with her clients and continues this level of work throughout the process.

Natalie’s expertise in real estate is evident and truly beneficial. She ALWAYS follows up and even goes the extra mile to ensure that all factors for your real estate effort are addressed.

5 HDSuperglider

We bought our house at the end 2013 and Natalie was our agent – she is fantastic. Always available, great insight and attention to our needs. She showed us a lot of houses and really helped us focus our search. When it came time to negotiate, she got us a great deal on our purchase price. Now that we have been in the house 3 months, we are still really happy with the great job she did for us – we love the house and have no regrets about the whole process. We recommend Natalie highly – she will take very good care of you and your family!

5 Imcleanjft

I would not think of working with anyone else in regards to real estate! Natalie is an excellent communicator. She has well-honed negotiation skills and did all of the preparatory work toward setting up a WIN-WIN situation for me as a buyer. Natalie made sure that I was completely aware of the law in regards to each step of the purchase. Natalie is keenly aware of construction, plumbing, electric, heating & cooling, appliances and any other facet of evaluating a property. She took the time to learn what I wanted and then advocated for me as a professional. Her preferred lender was friendly and accommodating. Since this was my first time buying a home, I appreciated her willingness to explain what was my responsibility as we moved through the process. Although I had personal issues that kept me from purchasing at this time, I will contact her again in June to start again.

5 aojjohnston

Natalie Arndt is an absolutely amazing and fantastic real estate agent! We could not have been happier with Natalie’s hard work on our behalf. We definitely will turn to Natalie again for our future real estate needs, and would not hesitate to recommend her in the strongest terms possible to anyone else looking for a real estate agent. My wife and I recently decided to purchase our first house in Albuquerque. We found Natalie through Angie’s List. Her previous reviews impressed us, so we decided to contact her to see whether she might be willing and able to work with us as clients. She got back in touch very quickly. Our first phone conversation already was highly productive. Natalie asked us a series of thoughtful questions that not only allowed her to get a sense of us and our needs as prospective clients, but also helped us achieve greater clarity for ourselves about what we were looking for as house buyers. Natalie then immediately set up an easy-to-use web portal through which she sent us various house listings based on our preferences. Via this system, my wife and I, within days, zoomed in on a handful of houses as our clear top choices. Natalie took us to look at those choices on a Saturday. She proved to be as knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic, and friendly in person as she seemed by phone (and as her other Angie’s List reviews also testified). By the end of that Saturday afternoon, we had a definite favorite, a perfectly located and lovely mid-century modern house that we instantly fell in love with–and this less than a week after we decided to start searching. However, an open house was scheduled for our top pick for the next day. A dedicated workaholic adamant about her clients getting what they want, Natalie stayed up with us until midnight on a Saturday helping us put together a written offer in order to get it submitted in advance of the open house. While pushing herself hard to help us have the best chance possible of getting the house we desired, she lucidly and patiently explained all the relevant details of the intricate process to two first-time house buyers. With incredible skill, she was going well above and beyond the call of duty for us. And, to cut a long story short, we obtained the proverbial house of our dreams. Moreover, Natalie got us an unbelievably good deal on it. After the sellers accepted our offer, Natalie made sure that everything else (inspections, repairs, and all pre-closing details) was done properly and promptly (and on terms very agreeable to us). She stayed in close contact with us right up through closing day. At each step of the way, we felt utterly confident that we were in expert hands. Additionally, Natalie put us in contact with a fabulous mortgage broker, Mitch Hollinger of Interface Mortgage. Initially, we were planning on having our mortgage provided by the credit union to which we belong. However, Natalie connected us with Mitch when, on a Saturday afternoon/evening, we needed an approval letter in order to submit our offer on the house over the weekend (i.e., before the scheduled Sunday open house). Like Natalie, Mitch took a substantial amount of time during a weekend to work closely with us on preparing to begin the mortgage application process. We still compared Mitch’s options for us with those on offer from the credit union. Mitch proved to have better alternatives for us given our needs, so we went with him. Again like Natalie, Mitch proved to be stellar (the two of them make for a great team). Another dedicated workaholic, he similarly kept us consistently and thoroughly informed each step of the way as he prepared our mortgage package in advance of closing. He had everything finalized and ready two full days before our closing date. At no time were we in the slightest worried about Mitch keeping himself and us on schedule. He also is a friendly straight-shooter (as is Natalie). In closing and overall, if you are looking for a conscientious, efficient, energetic, and talented real estate agent who loves what she does and is superb at it, then Natalie Arndt is the one for you. Based on our highly and entirely positive experience, we would urge anyone with real estate needs in the Albuquerque area to hire her. Natalie is the best!

5 user8198060

Natalie was extremely helpful in our relocation to Albuquerque. She showed us several houses in many neighborhoods to help us narrow down where we wanted to live, price range, amenities, etc. She was also available and proactive in arranging for showings which really helped us in the process. She is very informed about housing issues in different parts of town, the real estate business, and we are so grateful for her knowledge and expertise. She was patient with our many desires and changes, and we ended up in a place that we absolutely love! I highly recommend Natalie for her tenaciousness and professionalism in negotiations for any type of real estate needs.

5 zuser20140722104121757

Natalie is a professional with a warm and charming personality. She remained highly engaged throughout the entire home buying process and ensured our comfort and satisfaction was maintained after closing. As a military family, we provided her with a challenge of getting us through the entire process within 30 days and she executed/delivered flawlessly. Her high energy, expert advice/cautions, and dedication to her clients clearly set her apart from other realtors and truly made the home buying process seem effortlessly. We have much appreciation and gratitude for all her hard work and outstanding service.

Thank you Natalie,

Luis, Sara and Isaac

5 ndoran

Natalie is an excellent real estate agent. She is very knowledgeable in her field. She is very professional and guides you through the process of buying a home step by step. She sends frequent reminders so there are no lost opportunities to buy the home you desire. She is punctual and all deadlines are met as required. Natalie is ethical in dealing with all parties involved and works hard at getting the best deal. I highly recommend Natalie to anyone who is serious about buying a home.

5 j menke1

Natalie is a very high energy and extremely honest agent. She helped me sell one home and buy another. I am currently using her again to sell another home. She is an extremely hard worker and brings integrity to the real estate market with the intention of doing what is best for her client. She seeks out the best inspectors to insure you are getting what is advertised.

5 zuser20140228065816064

Wow! If you want a Realtor/Broker that will work FOR you, then go no further! Natalie Arndt is the one for you. I came to New Mexico for only the weekend. In that time, Natalie took me out to look at 15 properties (on Saturday), then again at 3-4 more on Sunday. I found a property and put in an offer. I flew back home to California and her service did not waiver. She kept in constant communication with me, and ensured that I felt comfortable the entire way through. When I say she communicated, I mean, she really kept me very involved – which I REALLY appreciated because that was a fear of mine going into this purchasing process – since I live out of state. I didn’t want to feel like I needed to drag information out of a Realtor/Broker. However, at no point in time did I feel that I needed to drag information out of her; she was forthright and honest. The offer process went smoothly and I got what I bargained for thanks to Natalie’s input and experience. I will be going back this summer to purchase another property, and I WILL hire Natalie again to ensure that I get the same effective and efficient experience. She is a gem and I am very thankful to have met her!

5 zuser20141014092918276

Natalie was very helpful in selling our property. Her knowledge and guidance through our sale was outstanding. She is a very caring person and I would recommend her very highly.

5 zuser20140601010547912

Natalie demonstrated her expertise, knowledge, and negotiating skills, in assisting us in purchasing our new home AND in selling our existing home all within three months. Natalie’s professionalism and expertise exceeded all our expectations in cost savings, efficiency, and timeline; her complete devotion to us was phenomenal. – If time and money are a top priority for you…contact Natalie. – If you want the job done right…contact Natalie. – If you are looking for a truly amazing relator for all your real-estate needs…contact Natalie Arndt.

5 user96532045

Natalie is very professional. She always kept us in the loop during the buying and selling process. She works incredibly hard to help her clints find their dream home.

5 montenderson37

Natalie is the best is all I can say. She went above and beyond. She was always there for us and had our best interest at heart. She is professional and cares about her clients. We were always informed of what was happening and always in the loop. Thanks Natalie for all you have done for us. Monte and Tamie Anderson

5 laurenmares514

Natalie was amazing! As first time homebuyers, we were very nervous about the whole process, but Natalie made sure we understood every little detail. She’s wonderful at what she does, and now we have the house of our dreams thanks to her!!!

5 stricklersarah

We worked with Natalie to buy a home and to sell a home, and she is wonderful to work with. Natalie helped us navigate the maze of inspections and staging and contracts! She is highly skilled, and we recommend her without reservation.

5 emziem

Amazing. She does it all, is personable, polite, quick, understanding and fun! We are clients for life…can’t wait to have our friends to be impressed with her professionalism and honesty.


As Natalie’s client I can vouch for her commitment to providing excellent and honest guidance. In addition to superior real-estate and contracting expertise, Natalie possesses a remarkable level of ambition and genuine attentiveness. She goes above and beyond to assure her clients attain the property they truly want and deserve.

5 user7478391

Natalie is a consumate professional. She has an ability and determination to combine her skills and knowledge of the real estate business with an attention to detail that is rare in any business. With Natalie as your real estate agent you can rest assured your business will be handled promptly, skilfully, and with a high level of expertise. She recently handled the purchase of our new home and we were very satisfied with the energy and passion she brought to the table. Thank you Natalie, job well done.

5 igasha

OK, I admit: we are difficult clients i.e. picky and over-analyzing. To Natalie’s credit, she handled our change of mind situations with patience and professionalism. She will go extra mile to accommodate your schedule and preferences. She is a very compassionate person. As an example, she used her personal vehicle and time to pick up the moving boxes for her less affluent clients. Who else will do this for you? If you choose to work with Natalie, not only you will end up with the top-notch realtor but possibly a new friend.

5 user5543210

Natalie was very helpful as our agent for the sale of our house. She was able to help us at every step of the way and the process was completely quickly and as easily as possible

5 samuelkirupa

Natalie was very thorough in getting to know what we were looking for and was able to explain certain other things we were not sure about. Her knowledge in the areas we wanted to look for houses and her expertise in drawing up a contract and her amazing negotiation skills make her a unique Real Estate Professional that we would recommend to anybody. She was also very personable. My wife and I were house hunting with our then 2 month old baby. Natalie was very understanding of our time requirement in looking at homes and was also helpful in keeping an eye on our baby while we looked around the house. We appreciated her thoughtfulness and help.

5 user1418806

Natalie helped us buy our first house, then sell our first house and buy our second house. We were very pleased with her. She responds promptly, is always available, stays up late going above and beyond with negotiations and patiently looked at tons of houses with us. We were very impressed with her negotiation skills and management of all the paperwork. She made everything very easy for us. We highly recommend her!

5 zuser20150715171506766

It was such a pleasure working with Natalie to buy our first home. She took our needs and dreams for our new house under careful consideration. Throughout the process, her and her team demonstrated their vast expertise and explained everything first-time home buyers in Albuquerque need to know. I felt like my husband and I were part of a team instead of bystanders. When we had a family emergency during closing, she worked to move our date at the last minute to help us during a difficult time. I don’t believe we would have found our perfect home without her!

5 imateamster

Natalie is by far the best realtor we’ve ever met. We decided to sell our home and chose Natalie based on her fantastic rating on Zillow. What a wonderful decision we made. From the moment we met Natalie she was professional and knowledgeable, but more than that, she really cares about her clients, and it shows. Natalie guided us through the sale of the house step by step and not only was it an easy pleasant experience, but we got everything we needed and the whole sale was completed in a month! It was Natalie’s expertise, responsiveness and the work of her great team that made a potentially stressful situation as easy and successful as we ever could have anticipated. We HIGHLY recommend Natalie Arndt.

5 sj 07

Natalie was such a blessing in helping my husband and I purchase our first home. My husband and I quickly realized how overwhelming it can be to buy a home and Natalie was extremely helpful and patient with us throughout the entire process. Our experience with Natalie was so genuine in that she truly wants to find her client’s the best home that fits their needs for the right/fair price. Her negotiating skills were very impressive to say the least. Her negotiating skills got us into a beautiful home with all new upgrades and a swimming pool!!! We were originally out bidded on this home but again, her negotiating skills saved the day and allowed us to walk away with this incredible home. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of any real estate services.

5 user9402324

Natalie was amazing. She knew the answers to all our questions. Our buying process was super fast and super easy. If we ever need to buy another house, she will be our first and only call.

5 LizSmith27

Natalie was great! She was very helpful and got everything done really quickly, making the searching and buying processes super easy! Not only did she help us find places to see in our area, we found a place in two days and had an accepted offer by the third day. She really cared about getting everything in order for us, and she made it a pleasant process.

5 zuser20180110061925950

I cannot overstate how helpful Natalie has been, she has helped with every step of the process. She is a force of nature and I am happy to have met her, and to call her my friend.

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